Good Theories

Good Practices





Introduction: Science, Uncertainty, Theory, Goodness, and Practice


Foundations of Theory

Chapter 1    The Role of Radical Ecology in Making Humane Places

Chapter 2    Deep Anthropology: Ecology and Human Order

Chapter 3    Metaphysical Implications from Physics and Ecology

Chapter 4    Metaphysical Principles from Ecological Foundations

Chapter 5    The Philosophy of Ecological Forestry through Questioning

Chapter 6    Principles of Ecological Forestry  (Part I)

Chapter 7.   Principles of Ecological Forestry  (Part II)


Interactions and Responsibility

Chapter 8   Gigatrends in Forestry

Chapter 9   Interactions in Nature: Disturbance, Exploitation, Interference

Chapter 10 Ecophilia: Animal Welfare, Wilderness Preservation, and the Metaphor of Home

Chapter 11  Nature as Self

Chapter 12  Panethics 

Chapter 13  The Ecological Responsibilities of Corporations

Chapter 14  Gandhian Nonviolence and Defending the Earth


Practices in Forests

Chapter 15  Ecological Forestry Research

Chapter 16  The Health of Forests

Chapter 17  Forest Practices and Ecosystem Productivities

Chapter 18  Good Forestry: Neutrality, Death, Sowbugs, and Ecological Principles

Chapter 19  Design of Forest Ecosystems

Chapter 20  An Ecological Forest Care Plan  (Mountain Grove, Oregon)

Chapter 21  Forestry as Unified Field Theory, Ecosystem Medicine, Good Practice, and Poetic Production



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