You can access these articles or communications:

A brochure SynGeo.

Articles in a quarterly journal, Pan Ecology.

An Ecological Development Plan for the Palouse Region (in PDF Format or HTML Format), from Pan Ecology.

Saving Common Places: The Palouse, Wild Earth 5(1):54-58.1995.

Boreal Regional Wilderness Limits. 5th World Wilderness Congress. Tromsø.

Global Wilderness Requirements. 3rd World Wilderness Congress, Scotland.

Calculation of Optimum Human Populations Based on Net Ecosystem Productivities. 4th World Wilderness Congress, Colorado.

Or see the contents of some books:

Redesigning the Planet (in PDF Format). Consider buying a recent version at Amazon or other stores.
Or find it at google wiki or

Redesigning Regions in the Planet (in PDF Format). Consider Buying a draft.
Or find it on google wiki or

Redesigning Local Systems in the Planet (in PDF Format). Consider Buying a draft.
Or find it on google wiki or

Global Emergency Actions (in HTML Format). Consider Buying

Domiture: Coevolution of Nature & Culture (in HTML Format). Coming in 2012.

REviewing REturning Rethinking (in HTML Format)

Good Forestry from Good Theories & Good Practices (in HTML Format)

Eutopian Essays (in HTML Format)

Eutopias: Making Good Places Ecologically and Culturally (in HTML Format)

Global Government (in HTML Format)

Radical Ecological Thought Experiments (in HTML Format)

To buy paper copies of our books on ecology, please go to 3 Muses Books, a web site book sale, or to or one of many other bookstores.
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